In charge of construction, the Caroli Bat filial built plenty of upscale buildings in the Principality, combining both estheticism and material of high quality. The lasting quality of buildings is the guarantee of durability and stability at the Monégasque real estate market.
The CAROLI Group always demonstrated its capacity to face hazards of construction and urban restrictions inherent to Monaco. The Group is concerned to preserve the brand image and the reputation widely recognized in Monaco, and does everything it takes to provide with a high quality product. Such buildings as : La Réserve, Le Soleil d’or, les Villas del Sole, les Villas Saint Georges, Le Monte Carlo Palace or even Les Terrasses du Port are the examples of know-how of the Caroli Bat.

Constant monitoring of working processes.
The various units at headquarters constantly monitor the quality of work at building sites.
During the course of construction, the quality assurance plans are systematically implemented and updated. A guarantee to respond in the best and the quickest possible way to requirements of the project owner.


The Caroli Group also demonstrates its know-how outside the Monégasque borders, by means of three sister companies: the Caroli Immo France, the Caroli Bat France and the Caroli TP France that have realized a big number of projects in the neighbouring municipalities and in the Paris area. The Caroli Bat France and the Caroli TP France had to face the urbanistic issues in December 1994, while building the 7-level car park at Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice. The construction activities took place under special circumstances at the depth of 20 meters below the sea level. The most significant constructions, completed by the company are: Réserve du Cap that is located in Roqeubrune-Cap-Martin and l’Espace Descartes in Blanc-Mesnil, construction of the office buildings and three hotels of Campanile chain in Paris area, as well as Grand Hôtel in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and the Timone hospital in Marseille.
The Caroli TP France also specialized in working at heights : building maintenance, protection of the escarpment of cliffs, reinforcement of walls by setting up nailing systems and ground anchors.
Preparation and professionalism of employees of the Caroli TP France enabled it to realize the most ambitious and significant projects.