The Promocom Group was created in 1988, and can claim perfect knowledge of economic, cultural and politic specificities of Monaco, essential for efficiency of all communications in this dynamic State. Our experience and reactivity guarantee the solutions in terms of personalized and competitive communication.
Global communication
In parallel with development of big public events, such as Monte-Carlo Gastronomy; the Caroli Com Group integrated complementary areas of business and delegated them the control over entire organization of events: Caroli Régie (advertising management), Caroli Expo (general installation, stand layout, rental of exhibition furniture), Caroli Sécurité Privée (event and general security), Caroli Print (digital printing), Caroli Prod Caroli Média (Monaco Hebdo et l’Observateur de Monaco). A particularly effective synergy of know-how that the Group has developed with institutional clients and companies, thus asserting itself as the global communication agency.