The Caroli Prod is a company specialized in audiovisual and photographic production in Monaco. It has a large facility that offers more than 40 m2 of space. The studio of the Caroli Prod has a professional equipment of last generation that guarantees the best quality of pictures. The Caroli Prod is provided with 4K cameras and professional lens, that offer incredibly sharp images. And we are ready for the next step, 8K. The main advantage of 4K videos is that they are supported by your Blu-Ray, DVD, internet sites or social networks without losing quality.

Tha Caroli Prod is the best solution in the Principality for providing, under the best conditions, your communication, marketing, visual creation, pictures and even image editing. We can also take in charge your photo shoots, whether of your products, fashion or just portraits.
We also do video montages, using our video recording studio and a movie set.
In total synergy with the Caroli Print and the Caroli Media, the Caroli Prod offers you reactivity in printing and broadcasting of your audiovisual projects.